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The Divine Plan of the Ages

Chapter 13 Questions


1. In the beginning, who was given dominion over the human race and what form of government was originally designed by God? (pages 245,246)


2. Upon what one contingency did the everlasting continuance of the first dominion depend and how was this first dominion over earth overthrown? (pages 246,247)


3. How and by whom was the forfeited inheritance redeemed and when will it be restored? Will the reign of Messiah on earth be everlasting? Please explain. (pages 247,248)


4. Under what two forms of government was the typical kingdom of God established during the Jewish Age? When and why was this kingdom overthrown and for how long? (pages 248,249)


5. During which time period will the Gentile governments rule and why has God permitted these evil governments to reign? Can man establish a perfect government? Please explain. (pages 249-251)

6. Name the two phases of the kingdom of earth. What has been man's experiences for the past centuries and what is he hoping for? (page 251)



7. Have God's faithful children been left in darkness respecting the reign of darkness now and the better government in due time? Has Jehovah allowed man to rule, or is he defying God's will by ruling over the earth? (pages 251,252)


8. What was the dream of Nebuchadnezzar and its divine interpretation through the prophet Daniel? See Daniel 2:31-45. (pages 252-255)


9. Explain the symbolic interpretation of the "stone cut out of the mountain without hands." How might the stone be considered while it's being cut out of the mountain and how does this apply to the church? (page 255)


10. What New Testament Scriptures corroborate this interpretation of the stone smiting the nations? (pages 255,256)


11. Compare how the world views the empires of the earth in contrast with the stone class, the church. What will the smiting of the image by the stone accomplish for the world of mankind? (pages 256,257)


12. Describe the four universal empires from the standpoint of God, especially the fourth beast and the little horn. Why is "the devil" an appropriate name for the fourth beast and is this beast still in existence today? (pages 257-259)


13. What is the difference between the destruction of the fourth beast and its three predecessors? Describe the fifth universal empire which will take its place. (pages 260,261)


14. As we view these beastly governments from the Lord's standpoint, what should our hearts long for? Is the fifth universal empire in existence today? When and how will it be established in power? (pages 261,262)


15. Why is the character of the earthly governments beastly and what has been the object of all governments organized under men? (pages 262-264)


16. What has been the natural result of the increase of knowledge amongst men? To what will this awakening lead? What should be our attitude toward the governments of this world? (pages 265,267)


17. On what should the church of God give its entire attention? What resulted when the church began to dabble in politics shortly after the death of the Apostles? (Pages 267,268)


18. What have the kingdoms of Europe claimed and why hasn't God approved these claims? What serious injury has resulted by this improper recognition of these earthly kingdoms. (pages 268-270)


19. From the divine standpoint, how should the best and worst of earthly governments be regarded? Since man has a false sense of duty toward these so-called "Christian nations," to what side are many Christians being forced? (page 270)


20. What is mankind's attitude towards Christendom as people rapidly awaken? How might the great time of trouble be averted and what is the Lord's exhortation to the world through the word of the Psalmist? (pages 270,271)