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The Divine Plan of the Ages

Chapter 16 Questions

1. Give a brief resume of what we have learned of the existence of a personal, intelligent Creator and of His revelation to man.

2. What has been learned in general respecting the ages past and the age shortly to dawn upon the world?

3. What have we seen regarding the sending of God's Son to redeem the condemned race and of the two elect classes that have been selected during the past ages to constitute the two phases of the Kingdom of Heaven? What have we learned about the "Three Ways?"

4. What have we understood concerning the world's Day of Judgment?

5. What has been learned respecting the second advent and the glorious conditions of Messiah's reign?

6. What effect should the knowledge of these things have upon the consecrated children of God? In what manner has the Lord fulfilled his promise that He will "give strength unto His people?"

7. What will it cost to obtain this knowledge with its consequent strength?

8. Is the giving of the necessary time and energy to this study all that will be required of the consecrated?

9. Are we willing thus to follow on, to know more and more of the divine character and plan? If so, what is the best method to be pursued?


10. What is our opinion of the value of the Divine Plan of the Ages, as we understand it? Does it appeal to us as of human invention?

11. What claim is made for this system of Biblical interpretation, which has never been sustained, or even attempted by any other system of theology?

12. While the Bible is thus opening up and disclosing wondrous things to the meek and lowly of heart, how has the light of the present affected the various creeds and traditions of men? What is, therefore, the responsibility of those whom the Lord in His providence has "called out of darkness into His marvelous light?