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The Divine Plan of the Ages
Chapter 1 Questions


1. What does the title, "The Divine Plan of the Ages," suggest concerning God's plans and purposes? (page 9)


2. What does man instinctively long for and hope for? Are man's longings part of God's plans and purposes? (page 9)


3. Where should all truth concerning God's Plan be found? And what should be the object of all truth seekers?--John 16:13 (page 10)


4. As inquirers, what two methods do we have open to us for seeking the truth?--2 Tim. 3:16,17 (pages 11,12)


5. What is the method of study in this text and why is this method essential for a thorough understanding of present truth? (page 13)



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6. Judging from conditions in the world today, what are the two conclusions concerning God's plan which the thoughtful observers must reach? (page 14)


8. What do the creeds of today teach concerning the billions of humanity who are ignorant of the only name under heaven by which we must be saved? (pages 17,18)


9. Can we even imagine that God's plan of salvation for man could be such a failure? To this end, what does the Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 60:2,3) suggest as the remedy for the problem pictured by the chart? (page 18)


10. Who can receive the truth found in the Scriptures? (pages 20,21)


11. Will the world always be in darkness concerning God's plans?- --Isaiah 60:2;21:12; 1 Cor. 4:5


12. What was the experience of the majority of the church after the Apostles fell asleep? (pages 22,23)


13. Why have Protestants made little progress in discovering further truths since the days of the reformers? (pages 23,24)


14. What does it mean to "walk in the light," and why is it important to do so? (page 25)


15. Did the Prophets and Apostles fully understand God's plan found in the Scriptures? Explain how God's plan can gradually unfold. (pages 26-28)