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The Divine Plan of the Ages

Chapter 2 Questions

1. What evidence do we have, aside from the Bible, that there exists a supreme, intelligent Creator? See Psalm 14:1; 19:1-2; 8:1-3. (pages 29-30)


2. What facts in nature are the strongest evidence against the theory of evolution? (pages 30, 31)


3. What theory of creation of the lower organisms exists in which the student of the Scriptures would not offer any serious objections? (page 31)


4. Why can a reasoning human being claim the existence of an intelligent Creator? See Romans 1:19-21. (page 32)


5. Realizing the existence of a mighty God, what alone can save us from dreading His great Power? (page 32)

6. What are the character attributes of God and what type of a plan would we expect of such a Creator? (page 33)

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7. Why would we reasonably expect an all loving and wise God to give His creatures, made in His own image, some revelation of Himself and His purposes? See Genesis 1:26. (page 33)


8. What limits would God have placed upon his human creation if He did not want them to know of Him and His plans? (page 34)


9. What conclusions might we draw regarding irregularities in this earth such as earthquakes, cyclones, etc., when we consider the harmony and order of the rest of creation? (page 34)


10. What Book claims to be God's revelation to man, and what should we expect of such a Book? (page 35)