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The Divine Plan of the Ages

Chapter 4 Questions

1. Why do many in their ignorance now misjudge the great Jehovah's character and work? (page 65)


2. However mysterious or haphazard God's dealings may appear, what does His word declare respecting the definiteness of his purposes? See Isaiah 14:24-27; 46:9-11. (pages 65-66)


3. Inquiring of our Father's word, what do we learn regarding the periods of time into which God's plan is divided? (page 66)


4. Name and list the distinctive features of the three great epochs. See 1 Pet. 3:6,7,13; Galatians 1:4; Isaiah 45:17. (page 67)


5. Why is the second dispensation called an "evil world" and the third one a "world wherein dwelleth righteousness"? What will make the future dispensation so different from the present one? See Malachi 3:15: Psalms 72:7; 37:9; Isaiah 1:19. (page 67)


6. Quote scriptures that show that Christ's Kingdom cannot now control the earth. (page 68)

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7. Does the "end of the world" signify the destruction of the physical earth? How are the terms "heavens and earth" used in the scriptures? When and how did the first heavens and earth come to an end? When and under what conditions will the present heavens and earth pass away? (page 69)


8. What did Paul mean when he said he was caught away to the third heavens? What were doubtless the things which he saw but was not permitted to reveal? See 2 Cor. 12:2-4; Rev. 21:1. (page 70)


9. Name the ages into which this present dispensation and the world to come are subdivided. Why are these ages called what they are called? When did each age begin and end? (page 70-73)


11. What is the chief characteristic of the Divine Plan and what is the object of the various ages? (page 73)


12. Give an illustration showing why Jehovah's works appear like confusion and failure to the uninstructed mind. (page 74)


13. What must be remembered with respect to these various ages if we rightly divide the word of truth? (page 74)


14. What is a very common error with respect to God's kingdom being established and now ruling in the earth? (page 75)